• About us

    The Pupillo Costruzioni Meccaniche srl was established in 2002 thanks to the twenty years of experience gained by Mr. Giuseppe Pupillo working in mechanical engineering companies . The company is well known for its precision machining in Catania and for industrial components production on drawing or sample. It produces also single custom components and deals with the assembly of entire industrial machinery.

    Within is the company skills there is also the maintenance of both property or others production plants. Technologically advanced equipment and a skilled operating staff allow the Sicilian company to occupy an important position within local companies operating in the metalworking industry. Moreover, thanks to the materials quality and to each production technique used, the company provides its customers with durable and wear-resistant products. 

  • Custom production

    The production of bespoke industrial components is the main activity of the Pupillo Costruzioni Meccaniche srl. The distinctive mark of the Sicilian company is, in fact, that the customer can request the realization of custom individual components as well as of tools and custom machinery.

  • Experience and technology

    Pupillo Costruzioni Meccaniche srl offers its clients the experience gained by the owner in the precision machining, the many years of activity, a constant technological evolution to be in line with the times and the desire to meet each single request. 

    The company provides mechanical components and machinery for the sectors of steel, boats, food production and packaging of medicines as well as for the construction industry. 

  • Metalworking

    Precision machining in Catania, such as turning, boring, cutting and welding of metals through the use of traditional machines and CNC.

  • Bespoke components

    Realization of bespoke industrial components or with sample provided by the customer.

  • Assembly of metal components

    Production of tools, machinery and industrial equipment customized according to the customer's requests.

  • Production plants maintenance

    Regular or on call door-to-door maintenance for single machines or entire production plants.